Quick now. Suggest a movie now. It has to be a good one now. Not a bad one, Okay?


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  • The Usual Suspects

  • The big lebowski

    • I just finished watching that for the first time. It was an interesting movie, but I don't know if I really enjoyed it. I respect what it was doing though.

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    • It was like one of those stories where a normal guy gets caught up in action and things escalating, but it ends up like Catcher in the Rye where everyone's a phony who just wants to use or manipulate Lebowski. The conflict is resolved by him and his friends sticking up for themselves while working through each other's faults. It rejects the tropes of virtue and instead focuses on individualism and friendship in a quirky way that you don't see very often in movies.

    • @electrollama It was a rhetorical question and calling him Lebowski highlights the fact you don't view the film through the kind of eyes it wants to be seen by.

      I know why you didn't like it. It only appeals to certain kinds of people.