People with no college degrees, what do you work as? Is your job rough or harash for you? Would you rather go back to college and get your degree?

  • Its really tough :'(
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  • I've worked hard at many jobs, some a lot easier than others but on a low wage it is ALWAYS a grind.

    I went back to college a few years ago, got a better job and now I'm studying for my degree as so work so I don't have to bust my ass for minimum wage any more.

    It's hard work.

    • Nice! Do you come back pretty exhausted from the jobs that you work in? I need some infos on how people with no degrees work in jobs. I think i gotta start taking edication seriously if jobs are tough with no college degrees. Dont wanna come home with my ass being sorr and all that :I

    • Yeah it is hard long hours for little pay and usually even less appreciation.

      Split shifts are the worst.

    • But that doesn't mean you can't succeed without a degree. If you're a smart person you can find a vocation you enjoy, work hard and work your way up. There's a lot of satisfaction in knowing you've worked really hard for something and achieved it despite the obstacles in your path.

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  • Much depends on your qualifications, but also your own determination. Iwillsay that once you have a degree, you are finally free. The people who say a degree is just a paper are wrong.

  • I think these days even with a degree it's almost impossible to get a job

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