What do you think should happen to people who are a danger to the society?

One of my father's Psychiatric patients was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My father and a legion of other top professionals fought for this patient to remain within a secure unit at the Psychiatric hospital where he received the best quality care. The courts over -ruled this decision and allowed him to live in amongst the public , despite the overwelming amount of evidence proving he was a potential danger to society

The same day he was allowed his " freedom" he broke into a single mother's home , beat her to death with his fists and hung her two year old daughter from a door handle.

This haunted my father all his life. So much so, that he attended the victims funeral , and offered to provide free councelling to the victims family. Which they did take and appreciate


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  • We have in the UK something called care in the community. It was invented by our government as part of its "pas-the-buck" philosophy. A certain political party in the UK is hell bent on absolving itself from any responsibility for anything to do with the people.

    This care in the community was invented purely to save money. It doesn't work!! There is a slightly different case in the press only a few days ago. O guy was let out of prison on parole ( or something like that ). Within hours he had committed another serious offence.

    The people that authorised his release should be prosecuted themselves for a negligent decision. They were obviously unaware of his capabilities. It is the same in the case you are refering to. The judge or court officals that approved this guy's release into society should be prosecuted for the bad decision that resulted in the deaths of two people, one a child!!

    It is the case here in the UK that so many times, the rights of the perpetrator of the crime are given precedence over the rights of the victim. We have a government here that just doesn't give a toss!!

    I hope your father, and the others, will recover from this trauma that they tried so hard to prevent!

    • Thank you for your insight. Your comment is extremely valuable! :-)

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    • Thank you for MHO! This is a subject that I feel very strongly about!

    • You are most welcome! you deserved the MHO. I appreciated you opinion a great deal, thank you again for you insight :-)

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  • Mental health rulings are a legal minefield as your story displays.


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  • They commit suicide or get killed by cops.

    • What you you believe should happen to them though?

    • They are here for a reason. Get locked up in some mad house.

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