So my friend said I am handsome?

Sometimes driving my car i notice that some girls look at me and hold the gaze , i never really cared much its nice but not really important for me , girls at work seem to like me there are 4 girls i am close friend with 2 good with 1 and was dating ( well kinda ) one ( she's the most attractive by the way ) i dont really do anything out of the ordinary just normal talking, joking that the 40+ workers do , whenever i visit my doctor ( he has two hot assistants ) they keep looking and i mean like really looking they're not even shy about it... so the last time i've been there my friend was with me i waited for like 10-15 mins before getting checked by my doctor and when i was done my friend expressed his astonishement i was like what is it? he said that the two assistants were checking me out every few seconds he thought it was really weird they had seductive looks in their eyes and checking me every few seconds whether i was looking or not whenever the enter the office and come out they would check me out , he even said that maybe its because iam handsome , i was like " they are checking me out so i am handsome or i am handsome so they are checking me out " and he said with confidence " no , you are handsome and thats why " , about me : i am 6'2, tan, a little muscular, light stubbly beard , short neat hairstyle and i wear fitting clothes so nothing loose... but i mean it has to do more with the face right? i mean no matter how attractive is someones body you are more attracted to the face right? my female friends call me handsome, cutie, hot... jokingly ofcourse ( i guess ) also whenever i go to buy clothes 3-4 workers would gather around me all the time ( they know me by now but still ) i am 21 but younger (12-15 ) always look at and seem shy around me , heck i even get looks from guys sometimes ( as if they are intimidated or something ) so i am just wondering how often it happens to other guys and if it means what i think it does?


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  • Either you are really handsome or intimidating.
    Don't you like the attention.


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  • WTf is this dude? Are you looking for attention?

    • no actually i am the opposite