Does shorthand typing and texting annoy you?

Cause it pisses me the hell off. I can't stand reading stuff like, "y u think dat?" or "u jus saying that becuz u *blank*" God that annoys me to no extent, it looks stupid to me. It's looks stupid and like a 13 y/o is typing, at an age where it can be considered acceptable. But otherwise, it just looks childish to me. Like the person typing can't spell and chose to type that instead.

I'm not calling all people that type like that stupid, it just annoys me. I assume its cause I do write stories, like a lot, and grammar and spelling matters to me. I read a lot as well and hate typos. I'm a victim of bad grammar, incorrect spelling, and typos, but shorthand looks like the punks way out.

Anybody else annoyed by it?

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  • I vote 'A' cause it's annoying but over time I've learnt to accept that it's another metamorphosis - entering another era. I've seen kids growing up these days who literally don't know the spelling of the full / actual forms lol. They stare at you and ask you when you write something the way it actually should be written.

    Guess there will be a point in time when the thesaurus will include these are 'normal & acceptable' :)

    • Said cause I grew up with xboxs and playstation 2s, you know? I got two DS's, one gameboy, a gamecube, a computer, and STILL took my ass outside to play and read books.

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    • Thank you, young friend for your kind and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :)

    • I would have earlier, just a little busy.

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  • I attempt to use proper English , including punctuation. I text using a transcription program. "How are you (comma) today (question mark)".

  • uh-oh... this has 2 do wid me i'm afraid... :(

    • Sorry. You're a cool and funny guy, funny answers, but the way you type...

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    • @zoooot LOL that's good... means i'm young at heart :D

      thanks bro 8)

      by the way, textin language's waaaaaaaaay older. it existed be4 i was born ;)

    • We all like to be young at heart.

  • I posted a question like this a few months ago and everyone replied with stupid ass responses. It was really annoying...

  • I agree with you and as such I just need to point out that "cauze" is not a word.

    • But you wrote "cause" lol, and while that is a word, it's not the one you meant!

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    • Well there's a saying out there, something about a pot and a kettle and the colour black :P

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