Do you think I should quick my job when school starts back?

Recently I have started a new job and so far it has proven to be stressful. When school starts back in August it will be my Senior year and I'm not sure I can manage both. I want to enjoy my last year to the fullest. I won't be able to join a club or something with a job. After high school I plan to go to college and work on campus or somewhere near.

Quit I meant


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  • Where do you work and what about it makes it so stressful?

    • I work at McDonald. The customers are rude, the non-customers try to get all in your face, staff is low, and I also have to clean/make drinks along with taking orders.

    • That is basically the typical minimum wage job. You are underpaid undervalued and underappreciated by management and whiny narcissitic customers. No matter where you work, it's going to be bad. I work at pizza hut currently and I am experiencing the same exact problems you are. It's a bad job. Period. You could maybe try your hand at retail but it's not going to be much better.

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  • If you can't handle it then quit. School is more important

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