Am I going to be incapable of a real relationship?

I crave the attention of random beautiful girls I meet online. I have been on omegle and chatroulette and camsexed a lot a girls it has to be at least 30, some i kept contact with too and did so repeatedly. It kind of starts with a dark childhood, I was a really chubby and extremely short guy during my high school days when most other guys and girls had just begun to mingle with each other, and the only time i asked out a girl, well, her friends kinda said "ewww" right at my face. 3 years later I am good looking, nice height, body etc everything, but the introvertness and the lack of ability to get girls in real life didn't really go with time, so the online world has been my wonderful haven. It kinda scares me now i might not be able to have a healthy relationship with a girl in real life. Some of the girls i met were really pretty, like one of them was an actual fitness model (or thats what she said, believable though :P ) and well, reality is of course a little diff. I really would appreciate some advice.

secondary question-what do i do of my dark circles i created for myself :P?


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  • You still got a chance to make it right. Go to gym and see what's out there.

  • If all you are going for is appearance, then all your relationships with be as superficial as your requirement


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