Sent sensitive info to wrong email address? How can I prevent it from being used?

Company sensitive details sent wrong email address.. Sent to person with same name but on gmail. com instead of ymail. com as I was supposed. I am screwed.
Can I contact gmail or yahoo to delete that email?


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  • You can but it is like making an appointment with God. Following with a legal letter from you attorney, explaining that this is proprietary information for the intended recipients eyes only and was sent to them by mistake.

    Site the laws on sharing private information for personal gain and ask them to destroy the information.

    You should put a confidentiality disclaimer on all future emails.

    • fuck me! Since posting the question I kept searching the internet for a way to do this on my own. No info whatsoever.
      Do you think it would be useful to send a disclaimer to the person in question telling him that the information should be confidential?

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