College kids I have a question?

If I'm starting at college algebra am I fooling myself to think I can earn an engineering degree if I take summer classes?

In four years


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  • No. It'll take you a LOT longer if you're only doing summer classes. Combine that with the fact that most places that hire engineers require at least a Master's to get past entry-level work, and it'll take you even longer.

    • Not only summer classes. 15 to 18 units fall and spring.. about 10 every summer.

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    • U know any engineering majors I mean I feel like most people would laugh.

    • I know this two guys who are electric engineers, and I have a cousin who wants to become a petroleum engineer.

      Also, I don't see why anyone would laugh at you. Engineering is a very admirable & necessary career path, and a difficult one at that. Anyone who can pursue it and excel at it deserves respect.

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  • I'm sorry but engineering is one of the hardest majors and requires real brains

    • I had a terrible childhood and went to the military after high school. I didn't try in high school at all. A lot of gangs and voilence. I'm just getting out now and I've had college grads tell me I could do it and I do have the intelligence for it. I'm not a dumbass I just had a rough start.

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  • It's very possible. Do what you love doing, regardless of how difficult it may be for you.

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