Did he not want to give me his sister's number or did he actually tell her and that she doesn't want it?

I have a crush on a girl in my church. She has a brother and he has been a good friend of mine for a long time. He is a trusting friend who has all those good qualities and all that with everyone. So he is a good loyal friend in general. I've known them for over a year now. Anyway, I decided to ask him for her number one day first in person. He looked at me with that creepy kinda freaked out smile face and said "Whyy". Then I just went "uh... I don't know, cuz..." Then he started ooohing and all that and then we just left it at that. Then several weeks ago I asked her brother for her number on text, actually I texted him the day before I asked in person and he didn't see it until 3 days later. In our conversation, when he saw it 3 days later he texted me "Pass". And I said "pass what", and then he said "On giving you her number". Then I said "Why not, I have you and your other sister's". Then 9 minutes later he said she didn't want him to give it to me. And then at the same time sent another text saying because she doesn't really know me. So during those minutes I don't know if he told her and she said that or what. Then I texted him "I feel embarrassed now". Then he said "You don't need to be". Like I said, he's a good friend. Since I know him, it kinda seems like something he would do, telling his sister I wanted her number. But i still don't know. So even if you are good friends with someone and he is a nice person in general, could he still lie and not want to give it to me? Please be honest with your opinions/vote. It will be very helpful. It's a win-lose either way on the options or to what is possible.

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  • He never told her. He didn't want to give it.
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  • if a guy wants my sister's number, i would say no she doesn't want to give it to you. thats called being protective or doesn't want to be in a situation where my friend is dating my sister. what happens if they break up and i have to step in and told you off and can't be friends anymore kind of situation, even though i may not want to. he probably cares for her and you. wants to keep both stable happy situation


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  • "B"

    many guys r protective over their sis... wrong move though

    • I don't know if this convo might be old, but you should've asked her yourself, asking someone is immature and a turn off, never ask family members about someone in their family unless you guys are dating... Real awkward