What app can I use to repost videos on instagram?

I tried repostwizapp and that doesn't work. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone.


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  • u can upload em via youtube though... no?

  • Why do you want to repost vidoes on instagram?

    • Im talking about the funny videos people post on there. Next time if you're gonna answer the question with a question. Stfu

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    • Lol why do you think I care about your opinion of me? And yes you were being rude why do you care WHY I want to repost videos? Goodbye!

    • How am I being rude here? Can you explain that? I don't get how I was being rude to you. I simply asked why do you want to repost the videos to instagram, and nothing else. I didn't call you out with negative words or phrases. I didn't laugh at your personal opinion. I didn't put you down for trying. Why, should I be treated like this?

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