80s music poll: Your favorite album by Fischer-Z/John Watts/The Cry?

John Watts, mostly known as da frontman of Fischer-Z, is one of da most underrated artists indeed. He had some really good albums both as part of Fischer-Z or solo…. also his side-project, called The Cry was really good. His style would b described mostly as New-wave/Post-Punk wid reggae influences…later when Fischer-Z reformed in late-80s they followed a more alternative-rock direction.

My fav album by them would b “Going Deaf For A Living”, or his “Quick Quick Slow” album wid The Cry.


  • Going Deaf For A Living (Fischer-Z)
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  • Red Skies Over Paradise (Fischer-Z)
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  • One More Twist (John Watts)
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  • The Iceberg Model (John Watts)
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  • Quick Quick Slow (The Cry)
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  • Reveal (Fischer-Z)
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  • Fish's Head (Fischer-Z)
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  • Quick Quick Slow is my favorite out of these, although, I like Red Skies Over Paradise too, cause it has some specific 80's vibe, and great keyboard melodies ;)

    • nice bro! glad i'm not da only one who knows bout this band.

      Red Skies Over Paradise resembles pretty much The Fixx or early-INXS :)

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    • Right, well, New Zealand and Australia are very near, basically - the same continent ;)

    • Thanks for the MHO bro :D

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