I screw up a lot?

So I'm known by most people as fairly smart and hardworking and all the good things... however the one problem I always get is I'm super clumsy at pretty much everything and I never say the right things at the right time or do the right things at the right time... I realize exactly what I do wrong and how I could have easily done much better at whatever like 10 seconds after the event happens... this happens all the time whether its friends, sports, girls, schoolwork... basically I can figure out many complex things but I never get the obvious shit or when I do I don't execute the simple task correctly... lately its been getting to me a lot more... like in costco I pretty much couldn't think of the idea to get out the way when someone with a cart is coming towards me... the last time I messed up on stuff like that I was like... 7 years old... I've pretty much lost all sense of direction, most of my common sense, and any logical thinking over the past few days... I don't really know what to do...


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  • It's okay, everyone screws up.

    • yeah i generally screw up more than most people i know but lately I've been missing simple things more than usual...

    • You'll be okay when you'll be older..
      I screw up so much and i'm 16.. It's OK, you're just a kid right now. People will forgive you for your screw ups til a certain age.

  • that explains me completely i screw up probably more than u do so u are okay


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