It's kinda getting annoying now?

Okay... I went through a stage where I didn't eat much, & this was when I just started dating my boyfriend, as he was hinting that I had an eating disorder as he watched some program, but I don't have one I did in the past when I was 13 & I'm 25 now so I'm very much over it. So I brought it up few weeks back telling him I'm okay I don't have an eating disorder as he kept asking if I'm eating okay even when he isn't with me he asks me, so I told him to stop asking as I don't, and a few months on he is still asking if I'm eating and if I'm eating enough stuff like that, it's annoying as I'm okay I've told him time after time, even when I'm with him I eat more than I did before like loads more, even that doesn't put his mind at rest. I admit when we first got together I kept fainting from the lack of food so maybe that still scares him from it happening again which it hasn't and won't as I'm okay now. Whys he still asking this question? I know he cares but it just gets too much.


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