I had a dream bout a old school crush?

About the crush

- we barely spoke as I was super shy back then
- she is a year younger

My dream

- I was at my old school but at the age I am now (19), I had just been running from the police with some old mates because he had guns and we ditched them in a hole on the playground at the school I used to attend but not the one I met my crush at.
- I was walking around and everyone on the plyaground seemed to be paying attention to me and wanting to talk to me, then my old crush came up to me put her arm on my back and whispered in my ear "come have a bath with me".
- She seemed to disapear as me and my mates were too focused on some sort of mission but we eneded up inside the school going to the changing rooms were I saw her again and we were close then she went into the mens changing room.
- I didn't see her in the changing room after that, I saw lots of random girls and a few other girls from my high school that were pretty but I certainetly never crushed on. In the changing room me and my mates planned some sort of activity, it semeed to be white water rafting but I was excluded, then they left the room without me, I tried to leave the room but tripped over a girl and then I woke up


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  • You might meet her again one day... Does she still invoke feelings in you?

    • I dunno I was definitely attracted to her but any feelings I had for her I felt I got over

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    • That could be what the dream was about?

    • What do you mean you lost me? haha :)

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  • You may still like her or regret never making a move on her. It's too late now. I suggest moving on.

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