Ideas on how to sleep?

I find it hard to sleep when I try, but when I dont try like when I'm watching something I really like, I fall asleep and miss it. It sucks to be me...

Any ideas on how to force sleep and how to keep my self from sleeping?
What do you do? any special pills or such?


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  • I always try to just tire myself out. I don't get into bed unless I'm feeling really sleepy so maybe watch something till you feel your eyes start to get heavy and then go to bed. Reading helps me a lot too. I just get into bed and start reading... within no time I find myself ready to sleep.


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  • Caffeine if u don't wanna sleep
    Bananas if u wanna sleep (the fruit)


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  • Just let it happen - Forcing it just Fs everything up

  • I read a good book some times before going to sleep that helps me : )

    • Books books books!!! why did it have to be books!

    • cause you have no choice now read the books !

      if it doesnot work for you then don't read the books lol its just a suggestion : P

    • Lol,

      Try listening to these ASMR videos or something

  • Tape the shows you really like and put them on when you need to sleep. Or you can just play one of Al Gore's speeches. They do the trick for me all the time.

    • It's never something I've already seen that puts me to sleep...
      It's always something that I haven't seen yet.