Queen , Pink floyd , The beatles?

Whats your favorite band ever and what song for them do you like the most?
Mine is Queen and i can't pick a favorite between "you take my breath away" , "in my defence" and "the show must go on".

The band doesn't have to be one of the three that i mentioned


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  • I don't like the Beatles, and I only like a few songs of the other two bands, but I'm going with Pink Floyd.

    • You can choose another band if you like , it doesn't have to be one of those.

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    • I'd never want you to change for me. I'll just listen to them when you aren't around ;)

    • @BelleGirl21 See, that's why I like you. Lucky husband you have... xD

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  • THE BEATLES! So many awesome songs to choose from. The long and winding road, yesterday, ob la de, in my life, love me do, with a little help from my friends... I could go on!

    In My Life is probably my favorite though. The Bette Midler remake is better than the Beatles though.

  • <3 I LOVE You Take My Breath Away, I'm considering it for my wedding song. It's so beautiful, my words are putting it to shame.

    My favorite band is Queen too. I love many of their songs and I can't choose. I even adore Freddie's solo work.

    I could listen to Don't Stop Me Now <3 , Motherlove, Killer Queen, It's a Hard Life, All Dead All Dead, Sail Away Sweet Sister, Spread Your Wings, Love of My Life <3, In the Lap of the Gods (revisited) <3, March of the Black Queen <3, Love Kills <3, Living On My Own <3, and more but these are most played on my spotify :)

    Out of their perfect gems (the old ones)
    Lily of the Valley
    The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke

    I also adore The Beatles and my favorite songs from The Beatles are If I Fell and my favorite album being Revolver.
    I also like the songs Love Me Do, Michelle, For No One.

    • Freddie Mercury is my idol , he is a genius. For no reason every time i hear you take my breath away i start crying😂what about Bohemian rhapsody? Do you like it?

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    • Haha, we should. We might look a little crazy

    • A little?😂

  • Nirvana "Come As You Are"
    Pink Floyd "The Wall"