Do you think men choose protect women because it's their "instincts" or mostly because of their mixture of?

having an over-inflated ego (trying to prove something to impress women and society), thinking with their dicks (believing that they'll be able to fuck that woman after saving or protecting her) and being raised that way by very old school family members or because they all made an individual choice to do so?

As a man, I don't buy into that "instinct" crock of shit that many other men constantly bring up to feel more manly and tough. I only would risk my life for a woman (or for anyone for that matter) and protect them if they REALLY need it and would not take my gestures for granted. All of this is my own INDIVIDUAL choice, not instinct.

  • It is their instincts.
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  • Over-inflated ego, sexual thoughts and the way he is raised.
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  • Individual choice.
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  • I think it is a bit of both. It is the instinct of men to want to impress women. Acting as a protector is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Imagine if you ran off and left your girl in a dangerous situation. How long do you think you would remain in that relationship? So standing up for YOUR girl is pure instinct. Social experiments have even shown we are more likely to stand up for ourselves around our woman, but not if just random women were present.

    This instinctual urge to protect women does not extend to all women, but rather just the women that are important to us. Otherwise throughout history soldiers wouldn't have gone into an enemy villages and rape the women. These acts weren't even the actions of a few individuals, but rather an entire group of men that all thought it was okay, because the women weren't THEIR women so they didn't fall under the same protection they afforded the women of their own country.

    The idea we need to protect ALL women is something society forces down our throats and shames us as failures as men if we ever voice a complaint about our safety being more important to us than the safety of a stranger regardless of their gender. Eventually it becomes impossible to tell where instinct ends and societies influence begins.


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  • We are complex social beings now- instinct might drive some basic behaviours, but I don't think it's a significant influence in most cases. We are given gender based social roles. This need to protect women is a social construct, in my opinion.


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  • It's a biological necessity to protect females. If half of the male population is wiped out a society can recover in only one generation, half of the female it can take up to 3 or more generations to recover. Therefore it makes sense for it to be instinct.

    • It would a necessity back then but in today's day and age, it's outdated. Plenty of women now are given self-defense classes and are also allowed to be police officers and military service members. We also have advanced technology like artificial wombs that can replace women for reproduction to counter your biological standpoint (Not that I would want it).

    • "It would *be* a necessity..."

    • I agree that it's no longer a need, but that doesn't overcome 2,000,000 years of biological necessity. Instinct takes MANY generations to overcome

  • I say this is mainly because of primal instinct, although the others factors mentioned do play a role!

    • I guess I'm the only man in the world that doesn't have the instinct to protect and care for anyone. I think all men and women deep down are just selfish people with huge egos.

  • I would say instinct maybe at a very basic level choice

  • but... but... i'm not strong enough 2 protect a gal... :(

  • It depends on the situation, some chick at work was pissed recently because I declined when she asked a favor, she started drama so I told her the deal. At my desk I had a queue of dudes lining up ready to get protective, I put it to them this was the same queue lining up to bang her. I think a lot of dudes wanna be seen as alpha and manly so they're about the bullshit, it's caveman stuff and it's stupid.

    • It's fucking retarded. I don't see why it has to be yours or my obligation to protect every woman and help them wipe their asses for them. Dumbassed cavemen can all go fuck off and castrate themselves for all I care as long as I'm left alone in peace.

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    • I think it's funny how all of the girls here voted for "instinct". They must really love being put on a pedestal and receiving all of the special treatment from the men, especially from the bad boys.

    • I think it's just a naive idea in their heads, the dudes want to give the impression of being chivalrous and protective so they can fuck girls who fall for it. They get duped easily.