Are questions editable now? This guy completely flipped the script?

Yesterday I answered a question and today I went back to the question to see if there were any new answers. The questions and the details completely changed. My answer was there but the poll looks as if I never clicked it and those options also changed. Am I late lol? Can we edit questions now?

Initially he said some women said that giving blowjobs were degrading and he replied because all women were prudes and so since then his girlfriend stopped giving him blow jobs because she was mad about it now the question says some of his friends said that cumming in a woman's mouth was degrading and that his girlfriend stopped letting him cum in her mouth. If you look at the comments from yesterday he was talking about not getting blowjobs for months. I always wondered why we could not edit questions but now after this I don't know if it was a glitch or not but we should not be allowed to completely change a question after getting opinions. He is obviously a troll but ijs

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  • I don't know, can you edit this question?

    • Nope I'm looking for something but I don't see so I don't know how this guy did it :(

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    • Thanks for the MHO ^^ So admins have joined the trolling business, huh?

    • I guess so lol hopefully there won't be more of that.

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  • can't tell cause i haven't heard anything about it

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