Im braking up with my best friend, is this a good way to break it off?

Im breaking up with my best friend very soon, and is this a good way to tell her?
"This isn't easy, but its only fair on both of us. I dont think we can be friends anymore. The reason is i dont rrally enojy being your friend anymore. You tell me you care, but you never check up on me to hear how i am. After the fight we had you sendt me one tect while you where drunk with your sister that you cared and you didn't know why we hadn't talk. You told me you didn't understand why we hadn't talked, but you didnd try to message me even once to see how i was. And the fact that you sendt the last message over facebook gives me the inpression that this isn't a big deal to you. Also, when i do something, its alwasy because im a selfish or unrasjonal person. But when you do the same ting its alwasy a good reason for it, and i should forgive you. For example after the last fight you called me selfish and what not. for not going home when you wanted to leave when i was drunk at this afterparty, but the fact that you left me drunk and alone (with my phone and card) at a club to go and have sex with this guys is something i should forgive you for because you were drunk. And ofc i was overreacting and being a dramaqueen. There are other factors too, but i feel like your hypocritsm is maybe the worse. And one last ting, you have zero reepct for my time. You would plan things, but would either show up way later then planned or not answering your phone. It shows me that you dont belive my time is as valuable and important as yours. I just feel like we have grown apart"

If you have any suggestion or advice on how to tell her that would be great. This is the first time i have ever done this and i feel like crap, but i have to do this for myself.

i just noticed how bad my spelling was, lol.. sorry about that... my keyboard is a bit slow.. The main reason is that i dont really care about her anymore, but i didn't feel like telling her "hey i dont give a shit about you anymore"


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  • It's a little long- winded :-)

    Personally , i'd keep it short and simple by telling her she has no place in your life anymore, because she wasn't a genuine friend, therefore you don't value her friendship any longer. I'd just leave it at that, and move on from her.

    • you wouldn't mind just giving me an example, maybe a shorter version of the thing i wrote?

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    • What about: " This isn't something i find easy to do, but i dont think we should be friends anymore. You say you care, but after the argument you sendt one drunk text telling me you cared. Other than thatyou never ask how i am. And that fact that you sendt me the last message over facebook shows me you dont find this a big deal. I just feel like we have grown apart " ?

    • Yes that sounds much better. It's short and to the point. :-) It's sad when friendships end. Hopefully you can both part on good terms. You seem such a nice girl. Maybe when she loses your friendship she will realise she has lost a valuable friend.

      I wish you luck, and hope it all goes well for you :-)

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