Can legal name change cause me a lot of problems with records?

Have you or do you know anyone who have changed their name legally? How was the experience and did they face any difficulty? I know that the laws may differ according to country, but genrally process for applying passport, SSN are similar in most countries.


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  • I worked with a dude who did it, he said it was straightforward.

    • which country are you from? did the guy face any problem later related to his official records?

    • well this was in France, I asked him if it caused any problem and he said no, so that was that. lol

    • okay thanks for the input.

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  • I think it is easy enough to change your name by deed poll but it is up to you to chase up the records to get name changed.

    • do you know someone who has faced problems with authorities after a legal name change?

    • No I actually don't know anyone who change their name