Girls, are you too spoiled these days?

I was on the RTA train yesterday, going down to my watch party for my CAVS. The train was of course packed with fans, one of which was this really pretty girl, blonde, about my height maybe a little taller, really pretty face, flat chested but leggy. I wasn't intentionally trying to listen in on her conversation with her friends (other fans) that she came with but I just happened to be sitting right next to her. So at one point in her conversation they started talking about the train itself. She said she knew that buses existed but that she didn't even know the rta train existed. There's a difference between the two as buses of course travel the streets and don't take you directly to the stadium, but the train does and travles its rails.

It got me to thinking, are girls too spoiled these days? Do their fathers coddle them too much, to the point where she didn't even know the train existed. I bet she doesn't even know that trains in general still do run, they're not outdated.


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  • Yes I think parents spoil their children way too much these days. Why on earth would you buy your kids pizza when you can make them eat chicken or spring mix salad? Why would you buy them a big mac when you can buy them a cheese burger? Why would you try to entertain your misbehaving children instead of forcing them to obey you?


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  • How does not knowing about a specific route make someone spoiled? If anything buses are usually less convenient and pleasant than trains.

    Then again your decision to include how she looked like it carries some significance tells us everything we need to know about your side of this situation, doesn't it.

  • I don't think not knowing a train route exists means she is spoiled. It's not even proof that she was coddled as a child. How do you even know she is from your city? Maybe she's a newcomer or fairly new. I think you're over thinking her comment.

    • I know she lives here. I overheard her talking about where she lives

    • Give me a goddamn answer, don't tell me I'm "over-thinking". I'm not a girl for cris sakes

    • I gave you an answer. What kind of answer are you looking for? Just because I'm female doesn't mean I automatically know what she meant when she said she didn't know there was a train. I also didn't say she didn't live in the city, I said she might not be native to the city, as in she lived somewhere else for many years and is now living where you are.

      I take the train and streetcar here everyday and constantly hear things like they didn't know certain stops existed or that the route existed at all. I get asked for help occasionally when I'm waiting on the platform. I don't automatically jump to the conclusion that they must be spoiled because they don't know the streetcar routes.

  • I think you're overthinking this. It's just a train and she's just a girl.

    • I'm just curious, are they too spoiled. She didn't even know it existed

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    • Not educated by being spoiled

    • If she was spoiled she'd be educated because her parents would probably pay for her to go to a nice school.

  • Same reason guys are spoiled and they expect everything handed to them by women.

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