Is it wrong that I feel college programs to help minorities and woman give them an unfair advantage that I don't get?

So at my college they have scholarships and special clubs for first generation American students, woman for math and science, black scholarship funds est... I'm white Hispanic but I don't use my race as a way to get school/public/private benefits. Why do woman (for math and science), minorities and Immigrant kids get more help than I do? A Caucasian male working full time and paying for everything out of pocket, while going to school?


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  • No. It's totally fair. You've had a privileged place in society. Get over it. It's someone else's turn now.

    • Lol what's so privilege about being the largest tax base, white males? Also some one else's turn? How am I suppose to see some one else as my equal when they are getting help I'm not? I'm going to finish my education on my own and I'll be proud I didn't get a "help" because of what or am not.

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    • White potatoes? Um... what? And ma'am, I never said they weren't. However, I have had the misfortunate of seeing individuals who are minorities receive preference in regards to college admissions and scholarships over whites who ARE more qualified. If you have the grades, you should get in. That's my firm belief. I don't care if you are white, Asian, black, Hispanic, whatever. BUT it should solely be based on grades. It shouldn't matter what or who you are. THAT'S discrimination, to have preference to any specific group over another. You cannot say all minorities who enter college all deserve it, because I know individuals who did not have the grades, should not have been accepted by upscale universities, and got in anyway due to minority status. This is undeniable. I am not saying any one group is above another or is smarter than anyother. However, two wrongs don't make a right. It is just as unfair to discriminate against one race of people as it is to discriminate against another.

    • @LittleFinch I'm really not interested in why you think your life is so hard. You can run along now, potato salad.

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  • Women and minorities get help to get them to where a Caucasian male has been for years.

    Also first-generation students struggle like you won't believe to afford college, so they NEED the help. Trust me, as I'm a first generation college student in three generations.

  • So what you're saying is White is the new Black.

    I agree with you. Considering race in giving out college aid or admissions is discrimination.

  • private benefits? like wot bro\?

    • Private groups that have scholarships targeted towards minorities. It would be very politically incorrect to have a private scholarship that helps out whites only. Companies get tax breaks and government incentives to hire minorities est...

    • Aka affirmative action. Ever wonder why fasfa, job applications and college admissions ask are you or are you not Hispanic then you get to chose what race you are.

    • that's stupid man... there shouldn't b any separations among races

  • Minorities tend to have received a lesser education and need help. Women get it because feminist bullshit