How do you compare a human being with another human being?

I started coming on here to read usefull info about how to build self esteem, help other people with their problems and most importantly ask/answer questions about life.
All I have seen on here lately is women and men posting pictures of other women asking who is better.
I dont understand how an answer can be provided to such a stupid question. The reason being, 10 years ago it was uncool to be curvey etc, now it is deemed ugly if a woman doesn't have flab (thanks a lot Kardashians), so what is next? I am not asking I am saying its a massive bag of crap.
I understand the topic of trends and fashions. But those things are materials, not human beings.
Do people realise that these things can cause more damage to peoples self esteem?
Why do people ask about what others prefer?
If you are annorexic, or morbidly obise and the question could be made a little more clear. But for all of the sub-categories of people there is no such thing as better. Some people like fat, some like skinny, some like black, some like white, some like bones, some like flab, some like hair, some like shaven and so on.
My point is that most of these are posted by Women, who obviously have personal issues. Who fail to see that they are not helping with the whole gender role thing, and in fact are making things significantly worse.
I have 2 questions.

How do you compare humans?

What is the motif behind "who do you prefer?" or "who is better?"?

Is there nobody out there that can help me?
Who is hotter?


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  • I'm am loving your post so much!!! I think a lot of the girls on here that post the pics do so for attention. I believe they are insecure of who they are and this puts a bandaid on what's really going on with the person...

    This is just my opinion...

    • Thanks :)
      I think the reason I am so fed up with the bullcrap, is that I feel like these women are doing nothing but creating more materialistic obstacles to overcome. Also I care more about saving our planet than how curvy your stupid waist line is!
      Thanks again! I have a feeling my post is going to be ignored though.

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    • I appreciate MHO
      Thank you😊

    • No problem, I guess you see I got very little response. looks like people are too scared to think lol.

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  • I build models. I imagine a scenario. Say I ask computer science girl if she likes hiking. I take what I already know about her personally, throw in some heuristics, and make educated guess. Another girl I might suspect that she'd answer the question differently. That's the comparisons I tend to make.

  • Some people seem to be insecure and need validation - from complete strangers on the internet, apparently.

  • Ego boost. I posted a pic of me an year ago too to get an 'honest opinion"... then got butthurt when i was told i am a 3/10 lol.
    Life is tough :(

    • Yes but you posted a pic of YOURSELF, which is entirely understandable. I more bothered by people posting pics of other people and trying to compare them.

    • If i post a pic of an uglier guy next to me and ask you 'which one looks better" it's still an ego boost.
      You just don't know you are boosting my ego lol, you just think i am being curious :P

    • If you posted a pic of a guy next you, it would also not be the same as posting pictures of other people. And I would think you are a bit of a twat tbh.