Anyone want to know why so many males hate feminists?

They're not a homogenous group of people, so I can't hate all of them, but here's a gist of what we don't like.


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  • It would sure be easier to have asexual reproduction - less stress.
    And have an "IT" gender and that's it.

    But genetical diversity would plummet.
    Any change in environment would drive us extinct.

    The downside to this is the sexual competition. Problem is we now have removed all checks and balances and are spiralling downwards towards animalistic instincts.

    There are two sexual selection methods:

    - full monogamy where there is a pair and while not happy 100% the couple has stability, hence the name NUCLEAR family ( the nucleus is stable )

    - what we have today where we got the tournament style sexual competition.
    The best men can breed with hundreds of women and the unappealing ones do not.

    Of course the downside to this is that said men see no incentive to invest their energy in someone else' off-spring AND/OR invest in society.
    So we see them drop out;
    school, jobs, etc

    The desire of women for total liberation has - ironically - liberated men of all constraints to care for said women.
    And society cannot function without one gender sadly, no matter how many books we see about "the end of men".

    Of course if we create thinking machines then i suppose most men can be killed off and only the 10% that are desired can be kept as breeding stock.

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  • If you read through her comments, you can see she isn't referring to human males. She was asking a hypothetical question about biology. And she got the answer she was looking for: everyone (plants, animals, etc) can't reproduce asexually because there would be no variation in our gene pool.

    Long story short: her question had nothing to do with male/female rights.

  • Jesus H Christ, if I can't ask a question about biology, what can I ask about?

    • #downwiththepatriarchy!!! Hahah. I was a little taken aback at first but after reading the question from beginning to end, it made a lot more sense. Solid question, with a solid answer.



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  • That's a big question. I might ask, why don't you hate feminists? This is is a very deep and convoluted concept, to be sure. And I'm on my phone, so I'm can't really explain in full detail. But, for one, I am pro gender-equality, but anti-feminism. We're raised being taught feminism. It was necessary, at the start, but now it's transmogrified. I'm an egalitarian. Not a feminist.

    If you're curious about anti feminism, then I recommend checking out girlwriteswhat on YouTube. Yes. Do Ironies never cease? A woman convinced me not to be a feminist. Go to her play lists. Just watch one video, and your mind will be shattered. She has such a solid argument, that I could do nothing but bow down before it.

    I think the particular video is, "me? A feminist? No way."

  • the question title is worded weird, after reading the comments it seems she was referring to different species.

  • Males and females are interchangeable in her question.
    It's unclear whether or not she realises that though so I'm slightly with you.

  • I think the facts were twisted a little bit in favour of a headline.

    • It was actually the same headline as an article I read about the subject. Figured it would be eye-catching.

    • @9mfeo The reference wasn't aimed at you but at him for twisting the facts into his headline question.

    • Lol I see.

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