MacBook Air Laptop Recovery?

Does anyone know if I can fully recover my Mac if I install a recovery software? I have heard that it's possible, just not sure if I can do it once it's all been erased completely. My ex thought it would be funny to hijack 'Find My Mac' and erase my computer. I had a guy who thought he knew how to do it but said he can't. He's backed up the partition and is going to rebuild the computer as new and try and restore. I have lost all my photos and memories of my first pregnancy. I'm due in 2 weeks and have nothing to show my daughter when she grows up. I'm soo devastated.


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  • Just take it to the apple store. They will take care of you.

    • Apple store don't do it... and they charge you for it too. They're shit

    • I have always had good luck with them. Well Norton tools can do this on a PC. But the data comes off like text if the file structure is damaged.

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  • GOOGLE IT!!!

    • I have, but I wanted to hear if anyone has done it personally.

    • GOOGLE IT!!! (It's the answer for everything!!!)

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