Do you know that In WWII, japan took the chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers?

Facts about china

1) manchus ruled china for 300 years till 1911.

Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The population rate was 100,000,000 chinese VS 1.000.000 manchus.

2) japan invaded china (1937-1945), and killed tens millions chinese. (the highest figure is 32 million )

Russia and USA saved china.

Second Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia

Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chinese population is 10 times bigger than japanese population.

3) In WWII, japan took the chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.

Battle of Nanking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

chinese were enslaved by mongol, manchu, xianbei, Khitan, Jurchen empires.
genghis khan's law, killing a chinese = killing a donkey,
sorry to mention this.

jurchen was the master of china for about 100 years.
jurchen defeated china and took two chinese kings as slaves.

Men of chinese royal family were sold into slavery in exchange for horses with a ratio of ten men for one horse.
Jingkang Incident - Wikipedia


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  • Ok?

    The chinese are still producing as much children than the blacks and whites, don't worry, :P chinese people won't decimated.

    • sure, mongols killed almost all people in Beijing. now there are over 10 million people there.

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    • 1) The so-called most powerful Chinese Empire - Chinese Tang empire.

      Tibet invaded china and took the Chinese capital in the year 763.
      Tibetan Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      2) Manchus ruled both Tibet and china till 1911, and Russian and USA saved china in WWII.
      That is why Tibet is a part of china now.

    • It doesn't matter We are all related. We are inbreds.

  • Wow didn't know that

  • Japanese people did so much evil in the wars and they won't even admit or apologize for it. Assholes

    • Russain defaeted 1 million japanese soldiers in china. and lost 10,000 soldiers.
      Soviet invasion of Manchuria - Wikipedia,

      america killed 1 million japanese soldiers and nukeed japan. america lost 100,000 soldiers.

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    • I agree 100% to Anon!

    • Hey! You lay off my favorite country. Japanese people are different now. And, at least they don't blame anyone for their fuck ups. Maybe they haven't admitted fault, but in Japanese culture, admitting failure or fault is, like, the about worst thing. But, I'm sure they know that old Nippon wasn't in the right. At least, the Japanese citizens do. I'm pretty sure.

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  • Yep. The Japanese committed war crimes in China that were at least as bad as the Nazis, yet somehow the USA blames China for being upset that the Japanese prime minister takes an annual trip to celebrate their convicted war criminals.

    • 1) japan took the chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.
      Beijing and Nanjing was ruled by japan till the end of WWII.

      2) USA and Russia saved china.

      3) check 1979 Chinese-Vietnam war, china is a joke.

    • The joke is

      1) Chinese talk about "our great mongol empire", "our great Manchuria empire", lol

      Chinese were the lowest class in all places ruled by mongols and manchus.
      They were called as the 4th class.

      2) USA ad Russia saved china, and china hate USA and Russia.

    • The joke is,
      Chinese are proud for Mongols, but hate USA who saved them.
      genghis khan's law, killing a chinese = killing a donkey,
      sorry to mention this.

  • @letshavesex is back! :)

  • Yea fck those japs!

  • Jesus Christ you again.. Got out of the mental hospital once again.