If You Want To Know If Someone Like You... ASK THEM?

This is to all those people who post those annoying " does he/she like me" questions!
Ask them and not the internet!


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  • And you really think it's that simple? Here's a situation: it's the very beginning of a relationship, you're only starting to get to know her and the same goes for her. She is still unsure of her feelings for you. But then you all of a sudden drop the bomb and ask her if she likes you - the result is that she feels pressured and either gives in and says yes when she wasn't even 100% sure, or outright says no and it ends there, because no one would ever say "well, no not yet but I could eventually so ask me in X ammount of time, kay?"And let's face it, how many would be all like "oh... ok, well if you don't like me yet then I guess I'll have to try some more until you do"... not many.

    • The questions these people ask are answer themselves anyway.

      "He gives me a flower everyday, gives me complements and always makes sure I get home safe. Does He Like Me?"

      Or sometimes they're so stupid like:
      "She blinked in my direction, Does She Like Me?"

      You don't have to ask if some they like you but you could ask them out... if you are unsure or uncomfortable then simply wait and see...

    • Please forgive me dude, but I only read the title and thus answered in haste. Yes you do have a point.

  • I totally agree

  • wot if they r shy then?

    • We all have to make sacrifices in life!

  • Yeah, I'll love to hear them say no then begin a rant about how ugly and unappealing I am before turning to their friends and spreading the story across a wide network of people so I become the laughing stock of town.

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