If you could import any YouTube character / commercial mascot to Marvel Avengers Alliance, which would you want to see get turned into a game sprite?

Instead of listing my entire OC roster, which would take forever, here are my suggestions from (mostly) already-known figures:

- Captain Morgan
- Japanese Ronald McDonald (Ronald McDonald Insanity meme)
- Rick Astley
- The Bison (not to be confused with M. Bison)
- Annoying Orange
- Kirby
- Dr. Octagonapus (the regular Ock would be confused and offended)
- Slappy Squirrel
- Dutchmiller from The Strangerhood
- Jack Sparrow
- Stitch

Villains could include:
Krang, Fred, Selena Gomez, Dr. Robotnik (AoStH YTP version), possessed YTP Harkinian with the Dinner Blaster, Weegee, Vince Offer, Rita Repulsa, etc.

So what would be your roster and why?


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