Transgender sex change?

So just wondering how this type of situation is dealt with?

Excluding people born with both reproductive organs

To begin with some facts:
-there are only two reproductive organs (vagina/penis)
-the reproductive organs define your gender/sex
-each reproductive organ impacts the development of the individuals brain, body and internal/external processing.
-humans experience life in a first person perspective. We perceive things based on our individual pov.

My questions are the following?

1. How do doctors or people confirm that someone is the wrong gender? There is no factual way for a woman to confirm how it's like to be a man because you can't switch bodies to experience what that must be like. Also, development of the brain is different for each gender, which is why we inherently think, feel and perceive things differently. Your hormones affect the processing of thoughts and feelings. If a f2m has grown up as female then she hasn't experienced what the mind of a man feels like due to testOster one.

2. If the trans people change their gender physically and on their government documents like birth certificate etc. How will they be genetically recognized if God forbid; they were murdered and only the remains were found. The DNA would be of a female and the missing person report states male. shouldn't that be a concern?


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  • Gender: is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.

    Let's get started by defining gender. I always think it's important to just look at that first because it doesn't say anything about being born one gender or a not it's just simply characteristics between the two.

    1) there's really no way to prove it. Jut like there's no way to prove I'm gay. There's no gay gene or anything like that. Yet when my girlfriend says "I'm a lesbian" people take her word. So though now one can prove it isn't it just decent neigh to assume that the person knows enough about themselves to be able to make that decision. So I don't get why that can't be the case with gender identification.
    If gender is a set of charactersistics that separate female and male then if your a woman who has more make characteristics then can't that men that you may better identify with the male gender.

    2) I actually asked about a transgender person. They said they wouldn't mind their drivers liscence to change, they'd prefer it. And that she's fine if her medical records said "male to female transgender". She thinks it's completely appropriate. And be if her records say male her DNA would tell who she is meaning they could just match he back to who she is. Determining whether the victim was male or female isn't relevant in a crime..

    • Sorry but scientifically, gender or sex is identified by your reproductive organs, that's a fact. Its not abstract like sexuality, which is whom you are attracted to. This distinction for gender exists in all animals in the world. Its has nothing to do with feelings or thinking but just the fact you were born with a defined reproductive organ that can be visually seen.

      2. I was watching forensic files, in cases of missing person that are murdered and buried. Remains can be found, they would not know who this person is unless thet can match the DNA to someone. They would not know if the DNA is of a man, therefore would look for against existing missing male reported. They don't have the world's DNA in a repository to run it against. You only run the DNA test against possible missing matched person.

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    • That was a piece by monash university

    • So technically sex identification on medical forms and such wouldn't change. Like real important stuff.
      But job interviews, casual forms, Etc you can put gender identification

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  • Its because it's actually classified by the world health organisation as a mental disorder called gender dysphoria and I don't know about other places, but in Australia if you want a sex change operation, you have to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having gender dysphoria first.

    The actual sex change operation is seen as a way to treat the illness.

  • 1.) These "gender studies" and whatnot are liberal pseudoscience, therefore they do not require any specific explanation, since it's a liberal hoax to begin with.
    2.) Who cares if they're dead?

  • Yes well this is a clear sign of people's "liberal" "Feminists" "Crazed" views,
    Obviously You cannot assign another set of Chromosomes to a trans-woman or trans-man.

    They are still genetically and scientifically speaking their original sex, but in terms of philanthropic and politically correct views, they have changed their gender but not their birth sex.

    • So in actuality, they will in death be what they are born to be.

      Well I just don't understand how people verify their feelings of what gender they are suppose to be. Like how would a man know what it's like to be a women. Its more than just physical makeup, it's a combination of mental, internal, emotional and physical. Men have bigger brains than woman in size, they don't have connected right and left hemisphere like women, have different memories, emotional responses due to hormones, etc. These physical differences alter the way we think and relate. As a woman I can never understand a man entirely without him communicating with me about a situation. Same way I cannot express what it's like to be a woman and have a person understand it. I can only respond based on my perspection which is influenced by the above innate differences.

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  • 1. People just know. You know that you're a girl, don't you? The issue is that these people, say they're a trans guy. All they're life they've been told that they're a girl and they know they're not. I guess it's like someone telling you that you're blonde and you know that you're brunette and you keep trying to explain it but no one's listening to you, and they just tell you that you're confused or that it's a phase. It's like that but 300 times worse. Now, surgery can be expensive and it is painful. It takes a while to recover from it. Excluding surgery, there's a lot of stigma against trans people. Trust me, no one is going to pretend they're trans. They've grown up knowing it. And you might say 'well, they don't really know for sure' - but it's bad enough that thousands of trans kids kill themselves every year because it hurts too much to not be respected and recognised as your gender. So yeah, they know, and a doctor should trust that.

    2. Fingerprints are the same. They can also use dental records.

    (Also, you keep saying gender but misuse it. Gender is the way we identify ourselves. Sex is our body. So when you say things like 'development of the brain is different for each gender', you really mean for each sex because gender wouldn't matter in terms of brain development).

    • Number one just doesn't make sense, how can someone "just know" that they are something that they clearly are not?

      How would they even know what being a female feels like? They can't possibly know. There is no "transgender test" it is not possible to scientifically verify that someone is transgender. I think the asker asked a very good question, that has no real answer

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    • I think truth is more important than anybody's feelings. I also believe that the truth is beneficial to transgenders, if we didn't have gender sterotypes (aka gender itself) transgenders wouldn't feel the way they do. Transgender is not something your born with, it's a feeling you develop because of societal pressure. (Same thing with homosexuality by the way, no such thing as being born gay, you are not born with a sexuality, it develops over time)

      Asked, you are not realizing that the word gender has been hijacked by psychologists, not long ago, you would be right. Sex and gender were interchangeable, that is not true anymore, the definition of gender has been officially changed

    • You may be right, the word have been altered. Which doesn't mean any different than your sex. I agree with you that humans are made up with numerous complexities and people lack the knowledge and understandING to analyzing the makeup of who they are and others. People forget the nurturing has a significant impact on nature. They have done studies that prove time and time again, that social norms can altar the innate human response. Example, if you made it acceptable to have sex with animals in society; then people would do it because it's a norm. We are in many case followers with exception of a few people being leaders.

  • My prob is locker rooms want only old fashioned girls

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