I feel sick and tired of feeling so much hate, anger and frustration inside me my whole life. Should I get help?

As a teenage male who grew up without a mother and a careless deadbeat father, I grew up hating women (being a misogynist), hating some men (for being sex-obsessed morons with huge egos) and feeling anti-social. I grew up with gender related problems due to my poor experience with girls (harassing me and getting away with physically harming me) in high school and girls on the internet. I've gotten into a lot of physical fights with men and even some women (and of course received so much backlash from the bystanders and the law for fighting a woman, even in self-defense). I've actually had homicidal thoughts towards many women and even towards other men because of my frustrations towards society.

In short word, I'm just hateful towards the world and frustrated with it because of the many double standards that I've faced in my life as a male and all I want is to find a woman (who can help me change my views toward women in general) who can feel my pain, understand where I can from and would either be my girlfriend or mother figure to me along with having a man who is understandable and can be my best friend but who am I kidding? I feel like most women want all men to be extinct and exterminated because of how irritated they are of men and how useless we're looked at as. I've been having suicidal thoughts since I've realized that I'm just wasting a huge chunk of my life full of hate, frustration and double standards. I might as well just end my life since I'm have no purpose living because I'll just be looked at as a pathetic, weak male who hates women and the world.

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  • We all have a purpose in life. We go through a process in life , that sometimes is not what we expect, however, there is a good heart in you
    You have to write a list of the things that will make you happy, then try every on of them. We all have and found people that care for us, there's hope.
    Don't give up!!! Start by making friends , then find a girlfriend, once you find that, the road will be wide open full of options , and you will think differently.

    Write to me whenever you want. Remember?
    There's always hope!!!

    flrocknroll@aol. com


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What Girls Said 2

  • You sound like you have so much love to give. I'm here if you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to lend an ear. I will try to make you look at the world differently if you would be open to that. Don't kill yourself it's permanent.

  • Give some money to an overseas charity that supports humanitarian projects in the poorest countries and watch God reward you for what you did. You have to do this in secret to get your reward. Once you see how rewarding it is to help others - you will never stop giving money to the poor.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yea it sounds like you need professional help and a gym membership to help work off anger the right way.