How should we deal with difficult?


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  • Stop, think, then act. And never quit or through any pity parties because something is difficult.

    • thanks but do u think is
      that enough dude?

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    • u're right but the problem here to adapt too with the problems and about holding my opinions this is my big problem in my life dude :)

    • Then give it time. What I just told, I wasn't born this way. I had to go through life's battles and earn my scares before I developed this kind of thinking. You can't become stronger from something you've never been through. "holding my opinions, this is my big problem in my life", remember that statement and work on it over time. Each day I try to improve myself and be the best me I can be for my sake. It takes time and a continuing process of working on yourself to be able to deal with difficult times and not going insane or turning into a can of mountain dew like me. (just a joke). And don't forget to smile and laugh every now and then:D.

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