How do I make an offline website that has pop ups and menus, etc?

My boss wants me to create a website and he doesn't want a plaine boring one page website, he wants it to be similar to facebook and other dating websites, but i am not skilled in HTML since i just learnt it last year, please send links and examples, or even Youtube Videos

Thanks in advanced for all the help


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  • you need a lot more than just some basic html knowledge for that. just tell him you can't do it (because thats the truth)

    • I have told him that i can't do it because it is far too complicated for just basic HTML work but he says "I believe in you and you can do it"

      I am willing to learn as much as i can to try and progress from basics to "advanced"

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    • He won't pay for anything :( so i have been looking online for most of the help that i need and even asking my friends in the IT side of life but they don't want to help me much

    • it would take years to teach you everything you need, and many more years to actually develop such a site, so yeah obviously your IT friends realise this and dont see the point :D

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  • You have nowhere near the necessary skills to create a good looking, functional website. And what is an "offline website"? If it is offline, it is not a web site.

    HTML is a beginning, like crayons are a beginning for an artist. But you need many more skills as tools, as well as the intuition for what is good in a website. And even if you created a fantastic looking website, what do you know about security? If you put up a website that attracts lots of people, how would you protect it?

    You are a babe in the woods. I think you bragged a little about what you can do with the little you have learned, and are now beginning to see that building a soap box derby car is a far cry from building an actual passenger car. But you don't know how to admit to your boss that you did not realize how little you really knew.

    Whoever builds this website will need to shoulder some responsibility for whatever goes wrong with it.

    • I know what you are saying even it is found a bit harsh

      I have admitted to him countless of times that I do not know much and i can't just create a dating site or anything with the knowledge that i have and although i am willing to learn he threw a JavaScript book down and told me to learn through there and left me to "fend" for myself in the world of Web design, he has already got about 10 people saying that i can contact if i want a job with web design yet i know sweet jack bugger all about the process :(

    • Then HE should contact those people that he thinks can help you with a job of web design. He can have them design it or he can tell them about you and ask them if that is enough to design a good web site. They could tell him it takes a lot more.

  • You're one person with limited knowledge trying to create what's essentially a social media.
    know this, that THIS is how facebook looked like initially:

    From then on it has taken years to get where we're today. Hundreds of professional devs. Your boss simplyl acks ability to see what it takes to make such a page. Because the truth is; you can't. And even if you had the skill, it'd take well over a year to fully develop it alone

    • I know, I have told him that i can't do it because it is far too complicated for just basic HTML work but he says "I believe in you and you can do it"

      I am willing to learn as much as i can to try and progress from basics to "advanced" and hesaid he also wants it to be perfect and that we can build on it

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    • He did ask me at the beginning of the year to create it so that he can retire by the end of the year, i was up to the challenge until i heard what he wanted and what he added to this project

    • By the end of the YEAR?
      Even a professional development team couldn't manage THAT!

      What he's asking you to do is simply put IMPOSSIBLE

  • google it.


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  • If you are a starter in web design issues, then use a website template. It will save you a lot of time and efforts. Good luck!

  • I am not a code guru too. you can use website builder for this purpose. This guide will help you to choose the needed website builder. PS no html skills required

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