Should I go on ACCUTANE?

Im wondering if going on accutane is a good idea... I've suffered from acne for a few years now. I've tried everything for my skin, lots of topical creams and even antibiotics and everything I use works for a short while but my skin becomes resistant to it.

I Recently used the benzoyl peroxide acne. org regimen for my skin and because of it my eyes started becoming extremely sensitive and swells every time I use a topical product on my skin, so I am no longer able to use any face washes or topical skin clearing product, so accutane seems like a good option.
Should I go for it? Any advice? And what is the procedure?

I'm 16 by the way, almost 17.
My acne is not severe, but it's bad and it really affects my life, It has lowered my self esteem and confidence.
I'm going to college in September and I would love to have clear skin when I start.


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  • Talk to a dermatologist. I was probably worse then you and it took me a year and it cleared up. This is medication not a face wash but you would want to put some light face lotion and your eyes can get dry so get tear-drops. There should be no reason you can't go on it, unless other medical factors, so see your local GP.


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  • Well, you can wash your face with dandruff shampoo, they are relatively mild and they have antibiotics and antifungals in them. Make sure you use a tanning bed (the UV light kills bacteria) (read about tanning and skin cancer online) regularly for your face (wear protective eyewear).


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  • It is probably not a good idea if your skin is sensitive and dry.

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