Working on a mod for a real-time strategy game. Looking for voice actors and modelers?

Hoping to find adult voice actors of both genders. There will be a few English speaking roles, but fluency in Arabic or Kurdish would be a major plus. I am additionally interested in anyone with experience in 3D modelling with GMax.

This is a mod for the 2003 video game Command and Conquer: Generals. Centered on the current conflict in Syria, the player would be placed in command of YPG and coalition elements in a series of single-player campaign missions against ISIL, who will not be playable. This will be an expansion of the existing mod by Abra, "A Global Crisis," available for download on ModDB, with a focus on realism.

Any takers?


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  • Voice acting a video game is something on my bucket list! Unfortunately, my laptop is out of commission so I don't know how I would record myself. Too bad.


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  • Is GMax different from SketchUp? Because 3D modeling is something I have been doing for over a year now. I guess I could get used to it pretty quick, if it' similar.