Do you consider yourself unlucky? what's the reason? and how do you manage your unlucky side?

i'm unlucky because i'm not from a well off family, not attractive, not talented, not intelligent, not sporty, bit introvert, never had a girlfriend, sensitive. awkward and bastard.


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  • I'm unlucky for losing most of my friends at 12, missing out on a social life during my teens, and I also have never had a girl in my life.

    But fuck that - I used to let it get to my head but not any more. Now I just look forward. Wish you luck dude.

    • Ok dude I never have social life also although have friends

  • Hello,
    Being really smart is not something easy you know.
    We doubt ourselves more than anyone, we are always over thinking everything. Absolutely everything. Not gonna say more..

    Being from a well off family, well, what can I say but what about the peer pressure? What about the fact that you absolutely CAN NOT fail?

    Bit introvert? Dude since when being introverted is something negative? Our society has idealized extraverted people to the point that being introverted became something negative ; in fact it's just the opposite, nothing wrong to that.
    Be proud to be quiet, be proud of yourself.

    You're sensitive and you think it's negative? Dude being sensitive is a proof of intelligence, not gonna explain but you can easily check it on the internet.
    Being sensitive is also a proof that you're a caring person.

    • being sensitive removes my masculinity... introverts are labelled as boring by most people... my friends say that i'm quite intelligent but i dont consider myself as intelligent. well i dont have peer pressure recently, the last time i got peer pressure when they wanted me to approach a pretty girl we saw. in the end i was humiliated, its not her, its me

  • I always thought I was fairly lucky

  • Well think about it like this we are all lucky to be alive

    • Being alive is not enough

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    • Well it doesn't have to be a competition. Just do what you think is best for you. Screw everyone else. If I were you I would to see the positive in everything then life would be a hole lot simple.

    • Life is never been simple and fair