What do you think anxiety is?

I dont really know if people post stuff like this but i have anxiety and social phpbia and i just wonder what do people think anxiety is?


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  • It's got to do with peer pressure from school
    pressure from home with siblings, parents some
    times expect more out of their kids than what they
    can give them and it's not fair.. Some people have
    bad home life's , cheating spouses, abusive marriage
    and abusive relationships,... Some people are pressured
    to be accepted just in society and some people are
    bully victims and some anxiety is due to what we eat,
    drink , lack of sleep... Some people are afraid to speak
    in public for fear they will say something not right and
    some panic attacks are early signs of Bipolar disorder,
    Schizophrenia disorders , ADHD.


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  • it is the belief in your head that something, that other people find normal, is scary

    • It's not exactly feeling scared if you know what I mean. It's kind of like having a lot of nerves about something which can lead to people over thinking and stressing about things. It's kind of hard to explain. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    • oh i always experienced it as a fear - hence scary

    • It's different for other people though :)

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  • I think it is a lack of confidence, a feeling that you won't be able to measure up in a situation. You won't be funny, you aren't good looking enough, you won't be able to maintain interesting conversation, etc. Others may lack confidence in public speaking; no one will care about my subject, I am not good looking enough to be up here, I will stutter and stumble over words and look like a fool.

    Anxiety in dating is a lack of confidence as well; I'm not good enough for this person, they won't find me interesting or funny, I'm not attractive enough for this person.

    I truly think most anxiety issues are low self esteem issues.