How will the previous school's GPA affect my final GPA and grad school application?

I am planning on transferring this fall. I stayed at my current school for a year and got a 1.78 final GPA. I'm a sophomore now. I'm wondering how will that 1.78 affect my future? say if I score a 4.0 once I graduate at the new school, will the 1.78 bring the FINAL GPA down?
I'm just trying to understand how this works. I haven't yet transfered. I can stay at the same school and work on my current GPA if its going to drag me down in the future. What's your opinion and why?
If it matters, I might go to medical school but in any case, I definitely want a masters degree.

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  • Many times it depends on the school you're transferring to. Some universities even will allow courses from community colleges to count as credit towards the requirements of your major, enabling you to keep the same grades from the courses you took there.

    There are some situations where your credits will not transfer, and you will be forced to take the same course over or something similar. Other times another college's requirements towards a particular major are different, and will demand different elective courses. As I said it all depends.

    Most likely, you'll be allowed to transfer all or most of your already taken courses, which means that grade point average will follow you around. It's going to haunt you for a while, but since it's just your first year, you have time to get it up, but it's going to take a major change of focus to get high enough grades you'll bring it up enough to want to apply to a secondary college like medical.

    So, if you're moving colleges just for the sake of trying to dump some of those bad grades, I don't think it's worth it. Instead, change schools if you think you'll be more comfortable there and will be able to focus more on your coursework, because you've got a small hole to dig yourself out of. It's not insurmountable, though, so decide what you want to do and plan on your GPA remaining what it is, so you can take the next plan of action; which is getting serious and bringing that grade point average up.

    Good luck, and you'll be fine. Don't look over your shoulder and just get after it. My freshman roommate had a low GPA after his first year, but he went on to graduate with well over a 3 point.

    • well, my advisor told me that If I do transfer, the 1.7 will stick around forever. So,.. thats kinda making me change my mind about transferring. This is what she said: "However, your GPA at your previous school will stay with your records and cannot be “altered” by taking courses elsewhere, such as here. For admission to graduate programs, you would need to submit transcripts from both institutions and the combined GPA’s would be calculated by the graduate admissions programs."

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    • Thank you :)

    • You're welcome, and good luck!

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