Rate your popularity in GAG according to this chart?

***** (GAG’s superstar, everybody knows u, and u get at least 10 mentions in “popularity” questions)

**** (popular GAGer, almost every GAGer knows u, and u’ll get mentions in “popularity” questions pretty often)

*** (known GAGer, u don’t get mentioned often, but still many GAGers know yer name)

** (known only among some GAGers, who will mention u in such questions, but yet not-so-known among GAG’s general public)

* (unknown GAGer, nobody knows u…. and even if they do, then it’d b no more than 2-3 GAGers)

B honest wid yer ratings

whoa so many opinions in less than 20 mins...
111 opinions!!! woo-hoo! i surpassed 100


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