What about... Game of Thrones?

So I sarted watching game of thrones (the first season) and had trouble getting into it...
I just still don't get what all the hype about this show his about, because everyone has been telling me how great, and immersive it his...
Do you think it his worthwhile and I should start over from the beginning to get more of a feel for it... Or just pass?
Maybe you could also tell me what you found that was so good in the show.. if there his anything... unless there isn't and you just think it his overrated... Anyway tell me all


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  • To be honest, it took me a few tries to get into GoT. Like, I'd watch the first episode, but didn't feel into it enough to watch the next episode. Then some time later, I'd try again.

    I think one of the more difficult aspects about getting into the show is that there are so many characters, so it can be a bit confusing.

    But it absolutely is an amazing show. The world is vast and complex, the characters are great, the story is awesome and engrossing. It's probably my favourite show of all time, or in the very least, it's within the top 3.

    If it's been awhile since you've watched it, I'd say to start again from the beginning so that you have a better feel for who they characters are and what's going on.


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  • Well it helps if you read the books

  • I tried getting into it myself, I got so bored.
    I guess fantasy/fiction isn't my thing. There was a lot of sex scenes though lol.

    • I saw that... But people seem to be sooooo into it I figured ther's gotta be something more to this show... Im still looking for it

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  • Personally I read and enjoyed the books first and then was amazed to see how good of a job they did with the show. The first season was a bit tedious because of all the character introductions and whatnot, but it really ( I believe) redeems itself in the second and third seasons.

    • YEA, the characters have been one of my biggest issue.. There are soooo many First and most of all secondary characters I can barely remember them all his it normal?
      How did you do? ... Write Notes or something? LOL :)

    • It helps that a lot of them die off along the way, or become otherwise unneeded. but yeah even the books were difficult. I think I read through them at least three times before I felt I had the true scope of what was going on.

  • I just started this morning, I watched the first four episodes. I like it.
    But I like most things I watch (on purpose).

    If you like drama and fantasy then it's great. I mean there's good acting, good characters, I wanna know what happens next, etc. It's just good.

  • I'm not gonna say anything because i would hate to spoil it, but just keep at it, you'll see

    • So you think I should... Start over, cause I din't like it the first time around..

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    • I'd watch again from the start personally, unless it was recent

    • Nah, not really recent... Figure that's what i'll do