Does anyone want to ask me questions?

Just ask questions if you're as bored as I am and I'll try my best to answer them candidly in the comments. I feel I won't get a response because I'm so irrelevant lol.


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  • What was your favorite toy when you were a child?
    How many relationships have you been in and what was the longest you've ever been with somebody?
    Are you allergic to anything?
    Have you ever anal sex? Did you like it?
    What's something that really annoys you about your mom?
    Do you like sushi?
    What would you do if you had only one day left to live?
    Are you a nature-person?
    Are you a romantic?
    Would you ever travel into space (possibly even to the moon) if the Nasa would let you and somebody covered the costs for you?

    I'm curious ;-)

    • My favorite toy as a child was probably my leap frog. I learned to read so easily with it, I was in love with that thing.

      I have probably only had maybe three relationships but none of them official? but they were the only three people that I was ever serious with. the shortest one was for a week and then the longest one was maybe a year.

      I am NOT allergic to anything.

      I do not like anal sex. I've done it twice and I will never do it again. my current partner is way too big. but the first time I did it I did get used to it but it wasn't my choice to do it in the first place he kind of just did it.

      one thing that really annoys me about my mom is that she doesn't respect my privacy. She always went through my stuff, reading my emails, stuff like that. I still love her.

      I do not like sushi.

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    • Wow... thank you for all the answers! This was a lot of fun to read :-). I think I would really like you if I met you in real life. You reminded me a lot of myself in many of these answers :-)

    • Yay I'm really glad to hear that! Answering that was a lot of fun.

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  • Does everybody really want to rule the world?

    • I believe this is true. Many people wish that they can take over the world. Whether they're having a bad day or they think that they are overzealous they think they can do it all. Maybe they want to make big changes.

  • If you were given $10,000 and told to use it for travel, where would you choose to go?

    • The best vacation I ever had was in California. Years ago i wouldve said something cheesy like "ohhhh italy is so beautiful and I always wanted to go there." but do you know what I can do in California? I'd go to Universal Studios everyday, everynight. Pay back my aunt and uncle for allowing us to go in the first place and just make it a beautiful trip for every one.

    • Sounds like a great trip. I'd rent a motorcycle and drive up the coast.

    • That sounds like an awesome idea.

  • Do you want @JackKerouac77 to stay?



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