Wouldn't it help moderate feminists' cause to disassociate themselves from the crazies that are giving them a bad name?

Maybe they could take a new name, and go a long ways to *specifically* exclude more radical feminists?


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  • There's no real way to police people's ideologies without sounding like a totalitarian. There will always be extremists and radicals that make the most noise within any political movement. You can't really distance yourself from them either (some crazies will always follow because they always believe themselves to be moderates).

    Besides, all the good words are taken. Womanism is feminism with a WoC focus, humanism is a morality system and egalitarianism calls communism to mind.

    • Furthermore, it's not like feminism has EVER had any good press. The overarching sentiment is that any movement that is meant to believe in the worth and power of women MUST devalue men (which isn't true). Feminism is the shocking notion that women are people with something to contribute, just as men are people with something to contribute.

    • *starts wikipediaing stuff*

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  • Ehh people should just know the difference. Educate themselves and not generalize a whole group.

    Making up a new word feels pretty pointless.

  • No one wants to be associated with extremist groups if they have any sense. If there is any hate of any kind, I want no part of it.


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  • Yes I think it would

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