Should I feel embarassed as a male to have a mother like this?

I am a 17 year old guy (lied about my age here), turning 18 in a couple of months (I'm still in high school right now) and I have a mother who's overprotective of me. She's overprotective to the point where she scares off my female friends with her aggresive/mother bear attitude because she thinks they're a bad influence on me (along with some boys who act and dress like thugs) and that they'll try to hit on me. My mother is a Marine (military service) member who just recently got finished with her last deployment and got honorably discharged and was being so happy to see me again (as any mother would).

Since she came back, he's been telling me how I was once an innocent little boy until I'm growing up and hanging around with the wrong boys and girls. I wanted to deny what she said about me because I feel like I'm emasculated if I can't be indepenent like a man and not have a mother to constantly look out for him too much. Even my siblings, aunts and uncles agree with what my mom said about me being influenced by a bad crowd.

Should I feel shamed for this or do you think I should appreciate my mom for looking after the girls I date and the boys I hang around with?

  • Yes and you should appreciate you mom and be grateful that she's just trying to look after you like any mother would with her children.
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  • No. As a man regardless of how old he is, he should always look after himself and not embarass himself by having his mother to still look after him.
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Sorry for mixing up Yes and No. No should be Option A where it says I should I appreciate my mother and Option B should be yes where I says I should look after myself.


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  • I don't agree with either option. I would be appreciative of your mom's efforts, but I would tell her that you know what you're doing. You have a good head on your shoulders and it's because of her upbringing. You know what the bad crowd is and you won't do anything that might negatively affect her.

    You do this... and you sound confident/strong and your mother will understand in my opinion.


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  • You're still a minor, so just try to bear with it for a little longer. Your mother means well, I'm sure you know that. It's normal for moms to be overprotective of their sons, just like how dads are overprotective of their daughters.

    Now, if you were in your 20's and your mom was still doing this stuff, then I would agree with you about it being unnecessary.

  • you should be happy that you have a other the loves you, not everybody does.

    • True. I abosolutely love my mom, respect her as a mother and as brave Marine but there were women where she did some unnecessary things. Not all of the girls that I tried to get in a relationship were slutty, ill-mannered and bad. I guess she just doesn't want another woman to be in my life at this moment since she just came back from the military and hasn't seen me for so long.

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    • Yeah. I guess one of the main reasons why a lot of the girls who hang around with me, are frightened of my mom because of her military background.

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