If some religious people are all into forgiving than why do some parents disown their kids for being gay?

I find it so contradicting. Ok, if even murderers can repend for their sins and supposely be forgiven by this so called god then why all of the sudden if it's someone gay who hasn't done actual harm to people (like a killer does) has to be worried about beeing cast out (sometimes by the very people that brough them to the world: his/her own parents) even in this modern age?

Wouldn't that make so called god and all the other religious people total hypocrites? Also what type of so called loving parent even disown their own child for being gay?

Technically if there was this god and he/she/it was forgiving then this so called being would accept and forgive everyone, regardless of whether they are gay or might even be a non-believer.
I was listening on youtube to what some guy had to bear reading a disgusting letter from his father after admitting to being gay about never coming to ever visit him and that every time they spend together is all in the past... how that's not what god choice. Talk about piece of shit of a father. And even if that part about god was true, that would make even god a hypocrite.


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  • because the last thing that religious people are is accepting and forgiving

    • True. It horrifies me how can anyone bring a baby into the world, raise him/her for 18+ years and then all of then sudden to get rid of him/her and say that all those moments means nothing anymore and that it's all in the past. Not even a female dog that loves her puppies does that.

    • people are the curliest animals of all

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  • I understand that you're pretty torn up about this. It sucks. You're right. But there is something you have to understand about those people.

    1. They believe in the bible. Word for Word.
    2. The bible says being gay is a sin.
    3. The bible also says that you should stay away from sinners so that you don't pollute yourself, or walk in the way of the wicked.

    Those three points are pretty much found in the Old Testament, IE before Jesus. The New Testament talks more about the Loving God, the Forgiving God. Jesus taught not to judge. So, why are those folks judging their Gay kid? Because they're human and they don't know any better. That's why Jesus died on the cross, humans make way too many mistakes and there just wasn't anything in the world worth sacrificing that could cover our asses for our shitty attitudes... Except for Jesus.

    It's human failure. Not really anything to do with religion or ethereal beings.

    • It absolutely is to do with religion. It's because their religion taught them to believe those things that they're doing them. You can't say it's not about religion when that's the exact reason they believe what they do in the first place.

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    • You're missing the boat. You're focusing too much on trying to pin point a scape goat. The problem is greater than religion.

    • #3 is wrong. The bible says the exact opposite. Jesus himself prayed that the father would keep the Christians in the world and yet keep them holy within it. He also never taught not to judge. You are right about the fact that the bible says that everyone sinned and cannot live the way they should.

  • I am a Christian and i read the Bible and what i learned through my reading is that homosexuality is a sin. This is a law of Christianity and there is no going around it or changing it, it literally says it in the Bible which is God's word. So i ask you this, what do we call a person who obeys all of the laws of their country except one? A criminal.

    You see these people want to mix their personal and ideological beliefs with their faith, they want their faith to mold around their beliefs. I find it astounding how some so called people of Israel can be so blind and treacherous. As a person of Israel you obey God's word, there is no 'skipping a few'.

    Also, please understand that asking for forgiveness isn't some sort of magical eraser as these so called Christians like to believe and dictate. God forgives, but he does not forget.

    (I don't know if this has been any help, i understand that my strict view of the Bible is not shared by many. For which i will be promptly persecuted with the down-vote button.)

    • Have you ever ate fish or wore a shirt with polyester and cotton? You're a sinner according to Levidicus.

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    • Actually you truly are the fool and I the wiser.
      You see homosexuality is clearly spoken against in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (link below). However this is not the only time that homosexuality is clearly spoken out against. Not to mention your claim of inaccurate translation has little to stand on. You see what you so eloquently (sarcasm) described is pederasty, which is a form of homosexual relationship or sometimes male prostitution. Both of which are stated in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 as being sinful acts. For further clarification, if a man was a pedophile and was turned on by young girls we would obviously label him as heterosexual. Now we can draw the same conclusion that makes pederasty homosexual and thusly fitting under the 'umbrella' of homosexuality as a sin.
      There, I have thusly disproved your attempts to make me appear the fool and in turn mad myself look good and you look, well... less than good.

      - side note-
      I find your need to insult me with your comment less than

    • appropriate. I understand how i have recently tried to offended you as a way of retaliation from you heinous acts but please understand that i am in general a good guy. However, also understand that you were the one who offended me first.

  • I'm a Christian, and a youth leader and I agree with you. However, and you may not know this, what you describe is very rare. You may know a couple people this has happened to, but in reality, most Christian parents know that a sin is a sin, and we all have fallen short of the glory of God.

    The problem is, the media, and society celebrate homosexuality like coming out is some sort of courageous act, when in reality, they're celebrating a person giving in to deviancy. Coming out doesn't make you any braver than an alcoholic deciding to get drunk at a bar instead of at home

  • That is very true

  • Because god will forgive them for disowning their children. Duh.

    • yet the poor child is not forgiven for a sexual preference he/she always had!!! A very tolerant, accepting and forgiving god would be someone that does that... forgives and gives unconditional love no matter what. The fact that this god would forgive the parents who disown their children for being gay but not the gay child doesn't sound like unconditional love at all.

    • basically it took years to realize for that poor child that he/she only had conditional love.

  • Wait, you're blaming god for the actions of some religious parents? The actions of religious people doesn't have anything to do with the deity they believe in. Especially if said deity don't even exist.

    • The point is I find it so hypocritical how some of those people are taught about forgiveness but yet would freak out like that if someone is gay.

    • and all of the sudden act the total opposite... view it as some type of disease or something. Sucks that a couple children are disowned for just that.

    • Yes, some people are hypocrites. Not just on religious matters but other matters like justice, environment issues or whatever too. That's just the way humans are. I had a lesbian friend who got fired because she came out. My country is still like that. As if someone's sexual preference affects their productivity or professionalism or something. Anyway those 'religious' people you described are a-holes. I know a few who aren't like that, but they are few.

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  • Because they're hypocrites.

    Also most of them don't follow Levidicus correctly, which is where homosexuality is touched on: it also says in Levidicus that they can't eat any creature from the sea or wear clothing made from more than one material. So yeah they're just failing.

  • Because some, like you said, aren't forgiving.

    • I get that some are forgiving and some aren't but at least if someone was consistent then it would probably make sense. I find it very illogical those believers that practice on forgiving and praying so much and all of the sudden if their child comes out of the closet, sudden they don't do the same they practice and instead throw him/her out of the house and immediately cut contact. That is soo inconsistent and hypocritical.