Why do people post lengthy opinion questions then claim they aren't their own?

I see questions that go into great detail about super shitty opinions that the asker clearly knows is going to rile people up and then at very end claim that they totally don't believe any of the diatribe that they took the time to write out and post. Does anybody else think that this is just some troll testing the waters to see if people will agree with their "friend's" shitty opinion? Why would you make such a detailed question about it yet claim to not believe in it whatsoever?

I call bullshit.


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  • I couldn't agree more. It really irritates me and I do not hesitate to call them on it. These people are clearly desperate for attention.

    Meanwhile, there are folks on here with serious, real-life issues like family problems, alcoholism, pregnancy, etc. Yo-yo's who post such brain farts just take away from the real purpose of the site. Helping people.

  • I know very obvious isn't it?


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