How can I get over my fear of bugs?

Ok so pleaseeeee don't make fun of me for this, I know it's stupid. But I am PETRIFIED of bugs. Even like tiny ones like nats. I know what you're thinking- dude you're like a zillion times bigger than it. I know but they're scary! I think it's honestly starting to become a problem. Most nights when I stay somewhere other than my home I can get like no sleep because I'm very paranoid of the bugs. Please help me get over my fear!


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  • By exposure. Keep exposing yourself to things that frighten you and you'll eventually get used to them or at least build up a tolerance to them...


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  • I heard some statistic like on average humans eat 9 spiders in their lifetime while sleeping. The number might be wrong though

    • Ugh please don't remind me. I heard fourteen though but it could be wrong. 😖 not to mention I heard that most scientists believe that you are always within three feet of a spider. Unless you live in Alaska! Which I do not 😔

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    • what about your nostrils, do u snap them shut with a clothespin?

    • How would I breathe at night?

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