Have you ever spoken into a video camera?

you know,
videoing yourself and speaking into the camera to make a clip, and then maybe posting it on youtube or sending it to your friend or whatever. (Think gadget reviews or the ice bucket challenge)

have you ever done that?
because i have not.

it just feels weird as sh1t for me to talk /start a conversation with a machine which doesn't talk back immediately (like a human would), but at the same time you know you will actually be communicating with other human beings after you upload/send it to the internet.

it just doesn't sit well with me, you might as well put me on stage in front of a 100,000 crowd and ask me to talk for 30 minutes or put me on a Broadway stage and ask me to act.

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I feel like talking into a camera is only something that an actor or something being interviewed or someone making a public speech should do.
You don't talk into a camera when you are by yourself. That's just... wrong.


Most Helpful Girl

  • do u mean like on Skype and stuff? or just myself? if so, iv done both anyway. iv recorded myself sending birthday messages, recording songs, recording makeup tutee for friends [they asked lol]. yeah I don't know i dont feel weird about it cuz I'm weird in it :P
    anyway yeah i dont post vids on youtube. I don't know if i could just yet


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes. I'm majoring in film and have been making films for a long time. Talking to a camera if I need to is easy for me.

    • that's my point, i feel only actors or celebrities or politicians should be speaking into a camera when they are being interviewed or filmed. It's just wrong to do it by yourself.

    • I don't mind it. I just hate watching it and listening to the sound of my own voice. Haha. I feel like I sound terrible lol

    • yeah i think everyone hate listening back to their own voice (unless you have a really good voice), but it is the sense of self-adulation that makes me feel uncomfortable. it's just unnatural.

      if you want to hear yourself talk, you do it in your own head.
      if you want to look at yourself, you get a mirror.
      but making a video and then playing it back is just... aghhh.

  • I hate being recorded. I don't mind pictures tho.


What Guys Said 4

  • I did a few presentations for work you get used to it

  • I would never. I literally just can't stand being at the centre of attention like that.

  • I did it once, because of boredom

  • No I refuse to ever be on video