Good tips for writing a book?

How do you make the book more realistic?
How to make a reader attached to the characters?
How to make a character death sad?
And anything else. Thanks


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  • I'm in the process of writing something myself and I have picked up a few things as I went by.
    If you want the reader to be attached to the characters, they must be relatable. As in, you will be hard pressed to characterize some magical other-worldly being, but if that being has a human conscience, then all the better.
    Also if you want the reader to feel sorry for the characters, don't start the story with something sad. If you saturate your book with bad and hard events, it will come off as a sob story. Introduce the characters having a decent or even good life that get's turned upside down. OR, portray them as having a decent/ good life that turns out was actually shitty behind the scenes.
    And if the readers will have gotten attached to the characters, then their deaths will be hard-hitting in and of themselves.


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  • Tips for writing a book are reading a LOT of other books. Good books not things like the Hunger games/Twilight/50 Shades. You need to make them believable. No characters that are perfect models of citizens everyone has to have some vice or some inner demon. Don't make it obvious have it be subtle so the reader can think. Don't spoon feed all the information to readers. Just leave breadcrumbs about who characters are.


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  • Must be cool.

  • Outline your plot, write a bio for each of your characters, include lots of small, relatable details. Don't make your characters perfect. Make them lovable, unless they're the bad guy obviously.
    Write a book than you would want to read.

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