What is your view on Stag Beetles?

Stag Beetles are often viewed as scary and harmful bugs. But despite how they look, they are honestly harmless and I used to love seeing them as a kid and still do. They tend to be seen mostly on the path, but unfortunately many will get stood on. They are becoming smaller in numbers and are now endangered. So please, look past their evil look and move them into a garden or similar. Pick them up with your thumb and finger by their shell bellow their head. They do kick and are quite strong, but the only thing that you should be aware of is to avoid putting your finger in the middle of their pinchers as you will receive quite a pinch. But they never attack you. Also, if you have children, tell them what to do as they are more likely to see them than adults are. Doing this will really be a help of saving their species. Thanks!

I was going to add a photo but I don't know how. Should have thought of that before submitting this. Oh well. Also, these bugs are in the UK. Not sure if they are found anywhere else.


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  • I like 'em, I remember when I was young I saw one crawling by I knew what to do. There was this guy hanging around (a friend of a friend) so I picked up the beetle crept up on him from behind and put it on his shoulder

    Damn, that guy could scream ! It was worth it, I thank beetle friend for that


    I think he was about 4 years older than me


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