Was she flirting with me?

At school this girl and I were in the same group for a play in drama class. We were behind the curtains since it was not our turn to go out yet. When it was her turn she didn't go out so I said Its your turn. Then she asked what do I say? I pointed to the underlined parts on her script but she must have known her lines because they were underlined and it was even flipped to the right page. I don't think She needed help finding her lines since she even underlined them and was looking at her script pretty much the whole time we were behind the curtains but she asked me anyway. Was this an excuse to talk to me?

  • Yeah... she probably knew her lines but still asked you
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  • No... she probably didn't know her lines so she asked you
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  • I don't know maybe half and half maybe she was nervous and wanted reassurance


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  • i believe she might've asked u on purpose bro